4d - Miniature Diesel / Petrol Locomotive Record No: 11973   

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Owner: Unknown  Number:
Website:  Others:
Location: Wells Harbour Railway    
Address: Pinewoods, Beach Road, Wells-next-the-sea, NR23 1DR. Line Length: 1200 yards, End to End. TF 915439  Name: Densil
County: Norfolk  Others:
Website: http://freespace.virgin.net/michael.l/whr/    
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Origin: Type: Design: Gauge: Livery:
Private Owner Operator 0-6-0DH Diesel Hydraulic . 10žin Red
Builder: Works Plate / Year Diagram: Lot Num: Status:
Alan Keef 54 / 1998 . Operational, Steam Outline
Pre-Preservation History:
Preservation Movements:
Other Notes:
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