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Preserved Railway Stock List


The only UK Search Facility to list multiple categories of railway stock in multiple locations.


Register & Login

The Preserved Railway Stock List site now requires membership. The project is still free of charge, the download page & latest stock update page are still available. Registering details is straightforward. Username (ID) is what you will be logged in as. If you add your name here please add your full name. This is set-up to avoid duplicates. If you get an error try another name. No other fields will be available for public display. If you have a real problem, please contact mick@uklocos.com giving your details and explain your difficulty.



The search facility now has a LIVE sightings facility. This enables members to add details of their own sightings and includes a drop-down menu of all previous sightings. Naturally it will take time to populate this option & all previous latest sightings have been listed as ‘Editor’. Any future entries displayed as ‘Editor’ will have been added by one of the editing team via another source.

To enter a new sighting use the search facility as normal to find a single or group of records. Open the full record then click on the New Sighting link. This will take you to a new page where several fields are available. Your Username ID should already be there. The Date & Where Seen fields must also be completed. There is also a Notes field where, if applicable, can contain other info such as Working, Stored, Assumed ID etc. Please check you have entered the correct info to the correct record before submitting the sighting. We would appreciate your input in this area to assist the current editing team. The most recent sighting will always show at the top but older sightings can be added as well.


Current Developments

Several new categories have been added to accommodate ex Departmental & Internal User stock. This does involve amending these records to display as their final use in service. A start has been made on BR NPCCS but its going to take a long time to complete everything.

Steve has eventually compiled a format he's happy with for the Area Stock List Reports found via the Download Page. These will in the future include a check box for those who like to print & tick their sightings on trips. A new Area 1- South West report has been uploaded as an example.

The fictitious County – Mainline Operators & Locations has been disbanded into their relevant Counties. This already applies to the search facility & will in future stock list reports.


Future Developments

Priority is still the outstanding records from the earlier version of the DB waiting to be researched & merged back in. As of 22/4/13 we still have 4280 records to sort through.

The Area Stock List reports will be renewed every three months during the first week of June, September, December & March. Other reports may be added as & when time permits.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the new Public Sightings facility to see how people get on with it. If this new service is abused the member will be removed. If it continues across the board the facility will be removed. Your Username ID has been linked to the sightings table in the DB. This does mean further options can be included such as being able to list all your sightings etc. Once people are using this responsibly, other features may be added later.


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