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Preserved Railway Stock List


The only UK Search Facility to list multiple categories of railway stock in multiple locations.


Register & Login

The Preserved Railway Stock List site now requires membership. It is still free of charge and the download pages & latest stock update page are still available, updated to 1/7/14. 

Registering details is straightforward. The username (ID) is what you will be logged in as. If you add your name, please add your full name as this is set-up to avoid duplicates. If you get an error try another name. If you have a real problem, please contact mick@uklocos.com giving your details and explain your difficulty.


The search facility has a LIVE sightings facility, which enables members to add details of their own sightings and includes a drop-down menu of all previous sightings. Most entries displayed as ‘Editor’ will have been added by one of the editing team via another source.

To enter a new sighting, use the search facility as normal to find a single, or a group of records. Open the full record then click on the 'New Sighting' link. This will take you to a new page where several fields are available. Your Username ID should already be there. The Date & Where Seen fields must also be completed. There is also a Notes field which, if applicable, can contain other info such as Working, Stored, Assumed ID etc.

Please check you have entered the correct info to the correct record before submitting the sighting. We would appreciate your input in this area to assist the current editing team. The most recent sighting will always show at the top but older sightings can be added as well.

Current Developments

Several new categories have been added to accommodate ex Departmental & Internal User stock. This has involved amending records to display as their final use in service. We hope this has been completed successfully along with the adding of wagon bodies located in fields.

Steve has compiled a format he's happy with for the Area Stock List Reports found on the Download Page and in future these may include a check box for those who like to print & tick their sightings on trips.



Future Developments

The priority is now to add Irish stock of all gauges and to update the Area Stock List reports every 3 mths during the first week of June, September, December & March. Other reports may be added as and when time permits.

The Public Sightings facility seems to have been used successfully and we hope this is useful to you. Your Username ID is  linked to the sightings table in the DB and you can therefore list all your personal sightings etc. Other features can be added later as long as there is no abuse of the system.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to provide you and we will put it our "to do" list.


PreservedStock Yahoo Group

If you are not already a member, the Yahoo group PreservedStock is an open group where details of changes and observations can be reported. Details can be found at: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/PreservedStock/

If you find any errors or omissions in any of the information here, please join the Group and leave a message.




Privacy Policy


NOTE  that this site is freely funded. We do not use cookies or obtain, use or reveal any personal information about users to anyone outside this group.


Please respect the information herein. It has been provided freely for your personal use with the goodwill of many stock owners and inputters.




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