UKLocos Record No. 6227:



Darlington Works

Map Ref:

SK 205183, 207186 & 208187

Works No:


LH Group Services Ltd

Year Built:



Hunslet Engine Co & LH Access Technology Ltd


4ft 8.5in


Barton-Under-Needwood DE13 8EN








Prev Nums:


Prev Names:



Notes: Ex BR, EWS & Barrow Hill (2/1/01 - 7/4/03). Traditional Traction loco. Repaired/refurbished by Freightliner 10/02?. Freightliner Green/Yellow. Carried no number for ages. To Boness 7-8/4/03 for more repairs seen 19/7/03, Coatbridge c1/1/04 & 9/3/04, to LNWR Crewe c12/6/04, seen Coatbridge FLT 15/6/04, 3/8/04, 2/10/04, to Boness for repairs 3/05, seen Coatbridge again 19/4/05 - 1/7/06, to Felixtowe seen 17/9/06 - 22/11/06, to Trafford Park seen 10/8/07, to LH Group 11/07 repairs seen 30/11/07 - 16/3/09, not seen 20/3/09, to Chasewater for tests c24/3/09, to Southampton c6/4/09 seen 19/5/09, to Trafford Park 7/8/09 seen 6/11/10 - 22/1/11, to LH Group seen 13/8/11 - 21/10/11, to Tilbury FLT w/e 10/11/11, to LH Group c10/2012, to Southampton w/e 24/11/12 seen 27/12/12 - 23/2/14, to LH Group c1/2015, to Felixtowe FLT c3/2015, to LH Group (repairs) seen 16/2/17 - 21/6/17 w/shop, to Leeds Midland Rd 2/8/17 (wheels), on to F'liner Southampton 14/8/17 seen 9/9/17 Maritime, to LH Group seen 10/3/18, to Southampton seen 3/1/19 Maritime.

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